Indie rock outfit of Verona found the perfect partner to release their debut album, The White Apple, in MTV. The trippy trio’s music harks back to the trance rock of the ’90s, and their lead singer explains that there was no better way for them to spread the word about their band than by working with the music network to get the album out.

"MTV’s amazing because they are totally up on everything that’s current. They’ve always been cutting-edge," the band’s leading femme fatale, Mandi Perkins, told MTV News about the partnership. "A lot of people think, ‘Oh, MTV just plays shows and they don’t do music anymore ’cause they don’t play music videos.’ But the thing is, I’m not sure that people understand that the Internet came and MTV could no longer do the exact same thing it was doing ’cause you can go and watch videos or do whatever on the Internet now with yourself."

The Los Angeles-based band’s music has been featured on "Teen Wolf" and "Friendzone," and Perkins notes that shows like these help newer bands gain mainstream exposure.

"MTV has these shows that also give platforms for artists and they expose artists," she said. "They have all these amazing shows like the Woodie Awards, mtvU, MTV Soundtrack, and it’s just like an amazing partner that will help expose you to a lot of cool people."

The album, which dropped Tuesday (July 10), is being launched by MTV and Sony through the Hype Music platform. The band will tour in support of the LP this fall. "The White Apple is a collection of songs about realizing what is real and what is an illusion and learning to tell the difference," Perkins said. "It’s about letting go of the things we cannot change.