A bit of a holy war broke out over Philadelphia’s airwaves on Wednesday when Meek Mill and Philly reverend Jomo K. Johnson squared off on Hot 107.9’s Q Deezy show.

Johnson has been calling for a boycott of the Maybach Music lyricist, specifically citing the lyrics of Meek’s latest single, "Amen," calling the song blasphemous.

"He’s not God, you can’t judge me. What it say? ‘Only God can judge me,’ " an irate Meek said, quoting a bible scripture when he called into the radio show.

"The first thing you need to do is acknowledge this sin, acknowledge this blasphemy and for your own sake, for your own soul, you need to confess this to God," Johnson fired back, adding that he felt Mill was misusing his talents. "God loves you, but he hates your sin."

The reverend, who also considers himself a rapper, remixed Meek’s "Tupac Back" into "Jesus is Back" and has criticized the MC for "promoting rape" and other ungodly acts in his music. "I attempted to reach out to him online about five months ago. Even before [‘Amen’], I sought to reach out to Mill," Johnson said. "I wanted to encourage him because I heard his music that promoted rape, violence and theft, and I encourage him to come to Jesus Christ and then when I heard this song against my lord Jesus Christ, then I had to call that out."

The accusations of rape really set the Rick Ross protég é off. Meek challenged the reverend to name a specific song where he talked about rape, but Johnson could not. The reverend then asked Meek if he had ever raped a woman before.

"My name shouldn’t even be mentioned with no rape! You sound like a psycho right now," he yelled. "I got nieces, I got sisters, I got a mother and you talkin’ about rape?"

The back-and-forth between the two men lasted almost 15 minutes and came to no resolve. " ‘F’ him, and everything he stands for. I’m doing all I can do for my community and the streets," Meek said citing numerous clothing drives and charity efforts that he’s spearheaded in Philadelphia. "At the end of the day, I promote these young kids to chase their dreams. I don’t know what y’all want: My life wasn’t perfect, I didn’t come up perfect, I didn’t see perfect things, so I ain’t gonna rap about life like it’s perfect."

Meek’s upcoming debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, is scheduled for an August 28 release and the hardened lyricist has said he will continue to give fans exactly what he’s been giving them on it. "I’ve been spittin’ about the streets and makin’ my money, and that’s how I’m gonna continue to do it till I can’t do it no more," Meek told MTV News.

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