Jay Sean has a number of A-list collaborations on his 2012 album, Worth It All. In addition to hooking up with rappers Pitbull (on "I’m All Yours") and Tyga (on "Sex 101"), he also looked to dance-music superstar Afrojack for some assistance on his next single, "So High."

The track came together in a kind of spur-of-the-minute way after the artists ran into each other in the studio. "The Afrojack thing was great how that happened," Jay told MTV News. "He was working in the same studio that I was in when I was recording the album, and I happened to bump into him. We recognized each other, so we checked out. He played me a couple of his songs; I played him a couple of my songs. We were like, ‘Yo, let’s do something together.’ "

That something will get its big debut in the near future when it hits the streets ahead of the album, which will drop sometime later this year. And if you can’t wait to hear it, Jay has a pretty great verbal tease that should hold you over for the time being.

"The song ‘So High’ is just ridiculous. Afrojack is such an amazing producer," he said. "Again, he lives in the clubs. He knows what works. So when it comes to actually producing, he knows what’s gonna have an impact in the club.

"So, the production on this is just incredible," he added. "It sounds insane ’cause, again, the songwriting here was the same team who were behind ‘Down,’ ‘Do You Remember’ — myself and Jared Cotter. When we write songs, it just works. So that plus Afrojack’s unbelievable production skills … it sounds phenomenal."