Mixtape Daily: Main Pick
Headliner: Playboy Tre

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals

Real Spit: Playboy Tre might live the good life, but the Atlanta MC is really just like you. Rap fans might recognize Tre as B.o.B’s right-hand man, but on his latest mixtape, Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals, Playboy proves that it isn’t who you know, but how you flow.

"Some people say I make music for the everyday man. Me, I feel like I make music for people just like myself, because I feel like if I went through it, there’s gonna be at least one more person in every little crack and crevasse in the Earth that has gone through what I went through," Playboy Tre told Mixtape Daily. "So, this project was just an extension on that."

On the Homebwoi-produced "Still Standing," Tre creates a champion’s theme music over a reworked version of Elton John’s classic 1980s single "I’m Still Standing." On "Patron & Instrumentals," Playboy pens an endearing open letter influenced by the birth of his son: "Some things I had to change, and my child is the reason/ I used to hate my daddy’s guts, but now we back speakin’/ I used to say that if I had kids, he’d never know ’em/ But now I can’t wait for son’s birth to show him."

Throughout Patron & Instrumentals, Tre finds a true balance between introspective lyrics and rowdy party starters. With "5th of Drank," Playboy throws caution to the wind, spewing multisyllabic bars in rapid succession, while on "We All In," he depicts an alcoholic’s dream, rhyming, "My best friend vodka, my girlfriend Hen/ And when we hit the club, bitch, we all in."

In the end, Playboy Tre has a true moment of clarity on "Care After Me," in which he reminisces over loved ones he’s lost. With the very last line, he reminds himself of all of his blessings when he spits, "The Lord tailor-made it, and I’m just living/ Taking care of mines, sincerely yours, Playboy Tre pimpin’."

Joints to Check For
» "Still Standing" – "No matter what I been through, no matter what anybody said about me at a young age, before they said what I would and would not accomplish, I’m still standing."

» "On a Roll" – "Really, it’s just me just giving it to the naysayers. You ever felt like you’re just doin’ so good and so many great things happenin’ that you’re on a roll? Kinda like a gambler that can’t miss, or kinda like a ball player who can’t miss a shot. … It features B.o.B, and I love it because, right now, I’m on a roll."

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