Since word first surfaced that Jennifer Lopez may not return to "American Idol," fans across the country have been contemplating who might replace the superstar judge. But now that those rumors have become a reality and both J.Lo and Steven Tyler have announced their retirement from "Idol," enthusiasts have really kicked it up a notch in churning out names of potential replacements.

"Lady Gaga would be really encouraging," "Idol" watcher Dave Herman said. "She’s on the cutting edge of music so I think she’d be able to find what the next new thing is." Encouragement is the last component "Idol" buff Bridgette Oelbaum thinks the show is missing, however.

"They need somebody with a little more oomph, a little more nastiness, somebody you could love to hate," Oelbaum explained.

To really fill that void, Oelbaum suggested taking season 12 back to the show’s roots. Her proposal? Bring back Simon Cowell.

While fan Julien Darmon agreed the show needs some more "mean," he’s not holding out for Cowell’s homecoming.

"I would probably pick Kanye West," Darmon told MTV News. "He’s like the best, in my opinion, the best artist of our generation. I think he’d add a nice twist."

Even though Nick Cannon recently said he wasn’t sure the show could afford his superstar wife, fan Kayla Harvard said Mariah Carey is her pick to click.

"She’s still a living legend," Harvard said. "She’s one of the last, like, really big, living divas left."

"Her music has touched generations and generations," fan Matthew Cooke agreed about Carey. "You could play her anywhere and people will be able to relate to her music."

Who do you think could fill J.Lo’s and Steven Tyler’s seats at the judge’s panel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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