Justin Bieber has been declared, "Hot, Ready, Legal" — and not just anywhere, but on the cover of Rolling Stone.

And in the accompanying interview with the magazine, the singer, now 18, admits he’s feeling a bit older since becoming legal.

"I feel like I carry myself in a more manly way," he explained in the issue, which hits newsstands on Friday. "I don’t carry myself as a boy."

In addition to feeling older, his manager, Scooter Braun, makes no apologies for Bieber having a personal life and not hiding it from his fans. He admits he’s not too worried about Bieber losing fans thanks to his very public relationship with Selena Gomez.

"Personally, I think that’s all a bunch of bulls—," Braun said. "Yes, there’s gonna be some girls that if they see him with a girlfriend, it kills the dream — but there’s also gonna be girls that see him with a girlfriend, hear about the romantic things he does and want him even more."

Bieber tweeted out a photo of his cover on Tuesday. This is his second Rolling Stone cover, having previously graced the cover in February 2011. That appearance was met with controversy after Bieber was misquoted as saying he doesn’t "believe in abortion." (The magazine later issued a statement clarifying Bieber’s comments.)

If fans are feeling some déjà vu looking at Bieber’s latest cover, it might be because the magazine used a similar tagline when Lindsay Lohan appeared on Rolling Stone in 2004, when she, then 18, was featured in the magazine’s annual Hot List issue.

Bieber’s timing on the cover of the magazine lines up with several big events for the singer. He just wrapped up production on his latest music video for his Big Sean-assisted track, "As Long As You Love Me," and will hit the road beginning in September for his Believe tour.