British pop singer Olly Murs is training not for the Olympics, but for the Ollympics, his own humorous take on the games kicking off on Friday in London.

And if the first competition, where he plays some table tennis against his band, proves anything, it’s that the "Heart Skips a Beat" singer might have to step up his game a little bit. MTV News has the exclusive premiere of the first entry into the Ollympics, and it doesn’t end well for the singer.

"I thought that the band wouldn’t be as good as they were. We decided the first game is of course table tennis, which of course is an Olympic sport. I did not win, which is pretty shameful, but you need to watch the rest and you know it’s good. It’s quite fun," he explained to MTV News.

Olly insists things get better as the games progress. "It becomes close at a certain point and then you have to watch it. It comes down to an epic finale. It’s like a TV series," he said. "It’s like watching ‘Lost.’ Like ‘Oh my god, did that actually happen?’ "

For fans wanting to see more of what happens as Olly embarks on Olympics-related challenges, they can follow more and more clips as they appear on his website. They can also get in on the fun with the hashtag #ollympics on Twitter.

"I’m really excited about it, and of course, I wanted to keep my American fans interested in what I’m doing. I thought this would be really funny and do some viral stuff online, just me knocking around and the band sort of doing different events. It’s me against my band," he explained. "And the fans tweeted in, the U.S. fans have been tweeting in what they’d like me to do so we’ve collected all them together and we’ve done the Ollympics, which should be fun."