Justin Bieber‘s teaser for his "As Long As You Love Me" video was supposed to drop earlier this week on "America’s Got Talent," but after that didn’t happen, the singer and his manager took it upon themselves to release the first minute and a half. And, if it’s any indication, Bieber’s latest clip is going to epic.

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the video also features "Kill Bill" star Michael Madsen playing Bieber’s foil, the father to the teen’s love interest who bans the superstar from having any contact with his daughter.

Standing at a gate outside his home, Madsen tells the Biebs to go far, far away from his daughter, adding, "Listen kid, my daughter is everything, She needs me as much as I need her. That means someday I have to let her go and when I do she needs to be with a man, not a boy, which is what you are."

And, Madsen, in all his Hawaiian-shirt, cowboy-boot, scruffy-voiced machismo, knows what kind of boy Bieber is. He adds, "Once upon a time I used to be the same thing. You know what that means? That means one day you’ll leave her for somebody else and break her heart. That can’t happen."

Upon warning him that if he comes back it’s "not going to be good for you," fans get a taste of the trouble brewing. You see, Bieber can’t stay away for long, giving his lady love a call from a bus station. Will they end up together?

If they do, he will have to fight pretty hard for it, judging from a still dropped earlier this month that features a bloody and bruised Bieber.

In a message posted with the teaser, Bieber let his fans know that the full video will drop next week. "I promised a 1 minute clip from the Music Short Film for ‘As Long As You Love Me’ off the new album BELIEVE. and yes…it stars Michael Madsen. nice. Here it is…the rest of the video hits this coming WEDNESDAY…it is INSANE!" he said.

With the Wednesday release date locked, fans should also expect a cameo from the song’s co-star Big Sean.