Nicki Minaj is taking her fans home to Trinidad in her new "Pound the Alarm" video. The VMA nominee does her best impression of Jay-Z in his "Big Pimpin’ " days, gallivanting around town with feathered-up dancers, shimmying and shaking what their mamas gave them.

The Carnivàle-themed clip follows Minaj as she embeds herself with the parade-goers, donning skimpy looks that leave little to the imagination, with the exotic locale of her island nation serving as the picturesque background. In between spitting lines about being a "bad bitch," the rapper reclaims her spot on the dance floor, thanks to the song’s beat-heavy production. The shimmering, summery vibe of the video perfectly complements the bouncy track, in which Nicki invites you to "Come fill up my glass a little more."

Nicki rounds up some of her fire-breathing, costumed pals, throwing them on a float and hosting a dance party right in the middle of town. While her barely there looks will stand as the most memorable parts of the video, fans might be more tempted to visit the island nation after viewing the clip than trying on those outfits. Not only are the people beautiful, but so are the clear blue waters and sunny hillsides that are Nicki’s greatest co-stars. Well, that and Minaj’s very suggestive, gyrating dance moves.

When the sun sets and night falls on Trinidad, the fireworks explode and the party isn’t even close to ending. But when the dust settles, Nicki is left cleaning up the mess her crew left behind. As she walks through the rubble of the bash, her silhouette, up against the moonlight, proves that Nicki is the baddest in all of Trinidad.

It’s the second video from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded that finds Nicki cavorting on the beach. On Tuesday, Nicki received several VMA nominations, one of which was for Best Female Video for her equally fun and sexy "Starships" video.

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